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About the Sides Spread-all Spreader

Sides Spread-all Spreader

The Sides Spread-all Spreader is the best 3-point hitch, PTO driven tractor spreader available today! It is the result of years of research to develop one spreader that will perform many different tasks. The name says it: Sides Spreaders spread it all.


Made for the small farmer, organic vegetable grower, tree farmer, both Christmas trees and nursery landscape trees and shrubs. Deer farmers and deer food plotters are finding the Sides Spreader finally ends their search for the perfect broadcaster that does their needed lime, fertilizer, and mixing of seeds.

small tractor

Whatever you need to spread, the Sides Spreader can do it. Organic matter, any kind of wet agricultural lime, fertilizers, seeds, topdressing soils, composted manures, or salt and sand are no problem for your Sides Spreader.


Golf course superintendents love the Sides Spread-all Spreader! They use it to lime places where nothing but a small turf tractor with a Sides Spreader can go. It gives them the ability to mix and spread sand, organics, limes, fertilizers, and pre-emergence herbicides all at one time while pulling a float! The same spreader will broadcast any seed while it mixes!

D.O.T. seeders finally have a way to get ag. lime to slopes and road shoulders. The spreader they have always needed. Livestock farmers now have a way to deliver lime and fertilizers to pasturelands, especially on steep terrain. Vineyards use this spreader to deliver lime in tight rows of grapes to adjust PH and nutrients for high-quality wine grapes. Erosion control contractors use this spreader as a dry equivalent of a hydroseeder at a fraction of the cost.


This is a money-making spreader for farmers, ranchers, parks, golf courses, city maintenance yards, mine reclamation, D.O.T., athletic complexes, deer farmers, food plotters, nursery growers, vineyards and anyone else that may be engaged in agriculture and contracting.

small tractor
Sides Spread-all Spreader

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of questions we get asked most often, simply click on the question to reveal the answer.
  • What size tractor will it fit on?

    The Sides Spread-all Spreader is designed to fit on any size tractor with a 3-point hitch.

  • Will it spread wet agriculture lime?

    The Sides Spread-all Spreader was designed to spread all kinds of material. Especially wet agriculture lime.

  • How much will the hopper hold?

    The hopper will hold approximately 1 cubic yard of material.

  • What are its dimensions?

    Hopper opening/overall width: 85 inches, Hopper opening depth: 36 inches, Overall height of the spreader: 53 inches