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3-Point Hitch Cultipacker for Sale

There are many tools that make a farmer’s life easier, though the cultipacker for food plots is perhaps one of the best out there. The cultipacker is a long cylinder with a series of corrugated plates attached to it. When you drag it over a food plot or field, it firms and smooths recently tilled soil. It also removes air from the top layers of soil, allowing the seeds to take hold more readily and benefit from better moisture retention.

Create the Optimal Seedbed

Cultipackers help you create the ideal seedbed for planting food and grass by providing the ground with the following:

  • Optimal firmness: The seedbed needs to be firm enough for seeds to remain near the top of the soil, but not so firm as to prevent the roots from growing down.
  • Moisture retention: Using the cultipacker allows you to remove some air from the soil, allowing moisture to stay in it for longer.
  • Moisture availability: The cultipacker will make shallow divots and valleys in the soil so that rainwater can more easily reach the seeds. It also prevents wind from causing faster evaporation.

Caring for Your Cultipacker

In order to get the most out of your cultipacker, there are a few tips you should follow. Many of these tips are good advice for maintaining all of your farming supplies:

  • Use on soft surfaces: Ensure that you only pull the cultipacker over soil or another yielding material. Hard surfaces like cement or gravel can affect the plates and shorten the unit’s life span.
  • Clean it regularly: As with any tool, keep the cultipacker as clean as possible between uses, especially if you’re switching between materials. Make sure you remove or dust off debris so it doesn’t interfere with future operations.
  • Keep it protected: When you’re not using it, store the cultipacker inside or under cover to prevent weather and outside factors from affecting it.
  • Use the right hauler: Whether you use a truck, tractor or ATV to pull your cultipacker, you’ll want to make sure your model is the right size so it doesn’t make your hauler work at its maximum capacity for extended periods.

Find the Best 3-Point Cultipacker at Sides Spreaders

Sides Spreaders & Equipment Company’s cultipackers come in 6-foot and 10-foot models, and the best part about them is that they work perfectly in tandem with the Sides Spreader. Attach them both to your tractor, load the spreader up with seeds, fertilizer and anything else you use, and get to work! This combination of tools will cut the time it takes you to seed your field significantly, as you can complete multiple steps of the process at once.

To learn more about the cultipacker or the Sides Spreader, call our office at 877-733-3464 or reach out online. We’ll answer all your questions and get your new tools in hand as soon as possible. We manufacture the cultipacker and spreader right here in the United States and ensure it’s durable enough to last for years. If you’re looking for a food plot cultipacker seeder for sale, get in touch with us today!