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Spreader that can spread wet lime

Sides Spreader

We manufacture the only PTO-driven three-point hitch spreader that can mix any material, including wet lime.

A Sides Spreader is a weight off your back and your wallet, as it can handle just about any agricultural need. it is designed to hold 1.5 cubic yard of material and has a large opening at the top to accommodate using a skid steer or tractor bucket for loading.

Sides No Till

Our Sides No Till comes in 5-Foot and 7-Foot models. Great for food plots, golf course, turf overseeding, regenerative farming, organic farms, pastures and more.  Places your seed, compost, chicken litter, Ag lime, fertilizer 1.5 inches in the soil for great results.

The no-till seeding feature of this combo preserves soil structure and minimizes soil erosion. By maintaining the integrity of your fields, you contribute to long-term soil health and sustainability.

No Till is the modern scientifically proven way to go!


Sides Cultipacker 

The cultipacker is a long cylinder with a series of corrugated plates attached to it. When you drag it over a food plot or field, it firms and smooths recently tilled soil.It also removes air from the top layers of soil, allowing the seeds to take hold more readily and benefit from better moisture retention. Using a cultipacker can ensure as many seeds as possible get planted without burying them too deep to grow.

The Sides Cultipacker features log chains to cover your seed and wheels to set and firm the land. Users can roll up the log chains for small seeds that don’t need coverage.

Sides 3-In-1 Combo

There are many tools that make a farmer’s life easier, and the Sides Spreader, No-Till, and Cultipacker combo is one of them: Topdressing, Spreading, Seeding, Fertilizing, Tilling, and Cultipacking – All in One! Attach all 3 to your tractor, load the spreader up with lime, seeds, fertilizer and anything else you use, and get to work! This combination of tools will cut the time it takes you to seed your field significantly, as you can complete multiple steps of the process at once. We manufacture the spreader, no till and cultipacker right here in the United States and ensure it’s durable enough to last for years. If you’re looking for a food plot cultipacker, seeder for sale, or a no till get in touch with us today!

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