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Optional Accessories


An electronic actuator can be purchased to control the opening and closing of the gate remotely. This is a perfect addition for using this spreader on tractors with enclosed cabs!


A guard can be added to the Sides Spreader to accommodate throwing seed only to the left side of the machine.


A band attachment can be added to allow spreading in a band pattern. This is PERFECT for uses on tree farms, vineyards, or any other “row” type crops.


A rock guard can be purchased to prevent large rocks and debris from entering the hopper when loading material.


This hopper is the smallest of the three that we offer. It is designed to be used with the Sides Spreader on smaller tractors. It does not hold the same capacity as the other units, but still provides the ability to use the spreader to its full potential!


The “Narrow Row” hopper is designed with row crop farmers in mind. If you are in need of spreading wet agricultural lime and fertilizers on row crops such as trees or grapes, then this hopper is perfect! It is near the same capacity as the standard hopper but is wide enough to fit down your rows without damaging your crops. This hopper is also perfect for solar farm maintenance! 


Most commonly used hopper for most tractor owners, it is designed to hold 1.5 cubic yard of material and has a large opening at the top to accommodate using a skid steer or tractor bucket for loading.

Sides Cultipacker 
Now Available in 6ft & 10ft Models

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