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Hopper Specifications

A good broadcast spreader is an essential tool for land managers in many industries, from farmers and landscapers to erosion controllers and golf course owners. The hopper is one of the most important parts of a spreader, as it’s what allows you to load up and mix your materials so you can perform a smooth, even spread across all your land.

When you invest in the Sides Spreader, you’ll be able to choose your hopper from three different options. Although all hoppers do a similar job, some have a more specialized design that predisposes them to certain uses. Each of our hopper models reflects that with different sizes and holding capacities. Still, any one of these powerful spreader hoppers can handle fertilizer, agricultural lime, seeds, compost and any other materials you want to throw its way.

Orange Small Sides Spreader Hopper

Small Hopper

As the name suggests, our small hopper is the smallest of our three spreader hoppers, offering a half-ton hauling capacity for lime and fertilizer. If you have a compact tractor and a less expansive area to spread on, this is a budget-friendly option that still gives you all the power you’d expect from a Sides Spreader product.

Hopper opening width: 53 inches

Capacity Approximately .65 Cubic Yards

Overall height of the spreader: 50 inches

Red Narrow Row Hopper from Sides Spreader

Narrow Row Hopper

We designed the narrow row hopper with our row crop farmers in mind. This hopper is our midsize option, giving the spreader the ability to carry up to one ton of compost, fertilizer and lime. It’s the perfect design for fitting between rows without damaging any crops.

Hopper opening width: 53 inches

Capacity Approximately 1 Cubic Yard

Overall height of the spreader: 56 inches

Yellow Sides Spreader Standard Hopper

Standard Hopper

The most common choice of hopper is the standard hopper. It’s ideal for most tractor owners and features an extra-wide opening at the top of the body. Those extra inches make it possible for you to use a tractor bucket or skid steer to load up to 1.5 tons of seed, agricultural lime and fertilizer into the spreader.

Hopper opening width: 80 inches

Capacity Approximately 1.5 Cubic Yards

Overall height of the spreader: 58 inches

Additional Information

Any of these hoppers will be a great addition to your Sides Spreader. The standard Reese-type hitch fits all 3-point hitches, and the machine runs entirely on 540 RPM PTO power. With a sealed discharge gate, you can save your tractor’s clutches by avoiding disengaging the PTO.

Other great features of these patent-pending hoppers are their stainless steel bottom hopper, slinger and auger designed to withstand years of heavy use, a skid plate to prevent damage, and replaceable slinger fingers so you can keep your tools in top shape.


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Whether you’re looking for a replacement hopper for your fertilizer spreader or you need one to attach to your new Sides Spreader, any of these hopper attachments can work well for your purposes. To learn more about our hoppers and the Sides Spreader, check out these resources:

You can also call our office during office hours at 877-733-3464 or reach out to Johnny Sides at 336-462-0727 at any time of day. We’ll help set you up with everything you need to elevate this season’s spreading process.