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Agricultural Spreader for Deer Farms & Food Plots

Deer Farmers / Food Plotters

Deer are dependent on their surroundings for adequate food supply, so deer farmers need a reliable way to support their crops and make sure their animals can thrive. Whether you’re starting from scratch or maintaining your plot, you’ll need a spreader to make the job easier and quicker.

Deer farms and food plots need to be limed regularly to maintain correct PH levels. Doing this keeps diseases from spreading. A food plot lime spreader can achieve an even broadcast of nutrients in your green field. With the Sides Spreader, you can maximize your workflow and mix fertilizer, AG lime, seeds and more.

Enhance Your Crop With a Food Plot Spreader

Animals like deer need to feed consistently, especially in nutritional stress periods. Your equipment should be practical and versatile so you can create a dependable food supply. When you choose the Sides Spreader, you can plant and maintain your crop with excellent results. Our spreader can attach to any tractor with a three-point hitch, and getting started is easy!

Prepping your soil is an important part of creating a successful food plot. With a food plot seed spreader, you can see better yields and happier, healthier animals. Mix your seed with fertilizer or compost for an even spread across your land. You’ll find yourself saving time and money with a food plot fertilizer spreader that can do it all.

The Perfect Deer Farm Spreader

When working with deer, you need a quiet spreader like the Sides Spreader, not a clanging pull behind or a noisy unfamiliar truck that could startle the deer. You need to be able to spread lime through tight areas and around trees.

With the Sides Spread-all Spreader, you can accomplish all of this!

The Sides Spread-all Spreader has near silent operation. The only noise you hear is your tractor! It is also very easy to maneuver in tight areas because this is the only spreader that can spread lime and mount to the back of a tractor by way of the 3 point hitch.

How to Spread AG Lime on Food Plots

Other food plot spreader manufacturers will tell you to stick with pelletized lime, which can be costly and time-consuming. The Sides Spreader can mix and spread AG lime on your plot so you can enjoy faster and more affordable maintenance. Here are a few tips for spreading AG lime on your food plot this season:

  • Prepare the land with a weedkiller: When you’re starting fresh, you’ll need to prepare your land. Before you spread lime or fertilizer, your field should be weed-free. Many food plotters choose a standard herbicide.
  • Do a soil test: Check your soil’s pH before putting down any seeds or fertilizer. You can use soil samples to measure how much lime you need to change your pH.
  • Apply lime four months before seeding: Food plotting is all about timing. Lime needs time to regulate your soil’s pH, so we recommend spreading about four months before sowing.
  • Till the soil after spread: After applying lime with your food plot spreader, you can further work it into the ground. Tilling or plowing your soil activates the lime quicker for better results. Usually, after four months, you can begin to fertilize and seed.

See Real Results With the Sides Spread-All Spreader

When you maintain a food plot or deer farm, you need versatile equipment to handle a large piece of land. Instead of waiting for a noisy truck to spread AG lime, hook up the Sides Spreader to your three-point tractor hitch and get started! You can save time and money with a productive yield that both you and your deer can appreciate.

Change the way your plot grows with the Sides Spreader. Choose from three sizes of our food plot lime spreader, including small, narrow and standard. To learn more about our unique equipment, you can call us at (877) 733-3464.