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Spreader that can spread wet lime

Wet Ag Lime Spreader

Proudly Made In The USA

We sell Agricultural Lime Spreaders.

The Sides Spreader is the only Ag Lime Spreader that will fit on the back of any tractor with 3-point hitch.

We buy, fabricate, weld, paint, and assemble right here in the USA.

As American-made broadcast spreader manufacturers, we deliver exceptional products every time. You can trust that we provide the best agricultural lime spreading tools on the market, and we’ll ship our products almost anywhere. Enjoy a better broadcast and sweeter savings on the fertilizer spreader that’s right for you.

Spreading Black Wonder 5000

Barn Yard Composted Manure 

Easy Ag Lime


Coverting Summer Food Plot to Winter Food Plot


At Sides We Make The Entire Package

Best Lime Spreader

Best No Till to work material in soil

Best Cultipacker to seal the deal

Best Soil Builder Black Wonder 5000

Cultipacker & No Till

Mix and Spread

Sides Spreader does not rely entirely on gravity like most spreaders. We force different materials out with a hollow auger. We are the only ones who do !

Lime Spreader – Fertilizer Spreader – Seed Spreader- Chicken Liter Spreader – Compost Spreader – Our Spreader mixes and spreads it all !


Our lime spreader tractor attachment fits many agricultural needs. With the Sides Spreader, you get a piece of equipment built to handle almost any terrain or material. We manufacture lime spreaders for tractors with different capacity needs. Check out our small, narrow and standard hopper sizes to learn more.

Liming Steep Terrain: No Problem!

Sides Spreader Set Up For Vineyard


The Sides Spreader is the only spreader that will MIX and SPREAD any Material !

A must for any organic farmer !

At Sides Spreader & Equipment Company, we have the best wet lime spreaders for sale anywhere ! We offer worldwide shipping and a one-year limited warranty for all customers. To learn more about our bulk material spreaders, you can contact our team. We are ready to answer your call at any time.

Easy Conversion To Band Spreading

Snap on Band Attachment 

Band Spreader


The Sides Spreader is the only AG lime spreader that will fit on the back of any tractor with a 3-point hitch. This allows you to spread inexpensive, wet, agriculture lime where you can’t take a big truck. As a plus, you don’t have to wait on that big truck. You can spread on golf courses, steep pastures or farmland, vineyards, nursery and tree farms, orchards, sod farms, food plots and more. The list of agricultural uses goes on and on !

Now Available For Sale — Our Sides No Till Machine  

Easy Peezy Turf Renovation  

Food plotters, regenerative farmers, organic farmers. Sides Spreader and Equip. Co, has all you need to food plot.

The Sides No till deer food plotter.

The Sides Ag Lime Spreader & Seeder

The Sides Cultipacker for deer and wildlife food plots.

With the Sides 3 in 1 No till, Ag Lime Spreader & Cultipacker you can lime, fertilize, Black Wonder 5000, mix and seed, no till and cultipack all with one rig, The dream of the food plotters, organic farmers, and regenerative farmers. Give Us A Call!

Easy Food Plots

Sides makes it simple.

The best lime spreader, fertilizer spreader, compost spreader, seed spreader,  chicken litter spreader. All In one!

In addition look at our Sides No Till, over seeder, aerator, spiker & Sides cultipacker.

Perfect for food plots, regenerative farmers, & organic farmers.

 Our 7″ No Till For Large Tractors

Easy on Easy Off For Combo or Spreader Uses

Sides Spread-all Spreader in Action

Sides 4-In-1 Golf Spreader

Food Plotters Watch This Video 

Over Seeding Cool Season

Sides Spreader On A SkidSteer

Overseeding A Soccer Field




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Dispelling the myths about spreaders, lime, soil science, organic composts, manure composts, soil aggregates and fertilizers.

The number one way to improve any soil is to get the pH right with lime. pH needs to be 6.0-7.0 with 6.5 best for most plants. Getting your lime right will get your soil right. Proper pH helps to release and activate the good minerals in your soil. Don’t be fooled: Lime is not lime until it is finely ground up like talcum powder. Pellet lime that is super pricey will have no reaction to your soil until it is broken down to powder and that takes time. Take a soil test and buy a Sides Spreader today!

The number two best way to improve any soil is lots of fully composted organics, composted manures, chicken litter etc. Our Product  that we make is BlackWonder5000.com. Any completely composted organic material will improve any soil. Any organic will also raise pH. A good goal for organics in your soil is 12 percent.  More is even better. A soil test will inform you. Buy a Sides Spreader to spread compost.

The number three way to improve soil is our BlackWonder5000.com. Dry soil activator and enhancer. The soil goodies in our mix will make any soil better. Spread activator and enhancer with a Sides Spreader.

The number four way to improve soil is the correct fertilizers. There are 14 elements your plant needs. Take a soil test to see what to buy. Spread fertilizer with a Sides Spreader.

The number five way to improve soil is texture. A sandy loam is best. Soil like this is usually found in creek and river bottoms. If you are all sand you need lots and lots of organic and clay. If you are heavy clay you need sand, perlite, vermiculite, expanded slate or ground rock to change the texture and keep the soil loose. Spread sand and aggerates with a Sides Spreader.

If you buy a Sides Spreader to spread your lime, fertilizer, compost, Black Wonder 5000, composted manures, sand, organics, and any product; you will get your soil the best it can be. Your plants will be super healthy. You and your live stock will be healthy by eating healthy plants. Healthy plants fight off disease and pest meaning less pesticides and healthier humans and animals.

Lovers of our wet AG lime spreader might also be interested in our Sides Cultipacker. This piece of attachable equipment transforms your tractor into an all-in-one seed spreader and setter. The Sides Cultipacker features log chains to cover your seed and wheels to set and firm the land. Users can roll up the log chains for small seeds that don’t need coverage.

Enjoy our broadcast spreader addition as it gently reinforces seed placement and increases your yield. You can save time in your daily schedule with equipment that is easy to attach and load. Choose from our 6- to 10-foot widths depending on your needs.

At Sides Spreader & Equipment Company, we have a lime broadcast spreader unlike any other. We manufacture the only PTO-driven three-point hitch spreader that can mix any material, including wet lime. A-Sides Spreader is a weight off your back and your wallet, as it can handle just about any agricultural need.

When you invest in a lime fertilizer spreader, you want the best. The Sides Spreader is a versatile, easy-to-use tractor addition that reaches the tough spots large trucks can’t. Plus, you save time with an agricultural lime spreader that can mix fertilizers or seeds. Check out our fertilizer lime spreaders for sale today to see how we can help improve your workflow and save you money.

We take pride in manufacturing the best spreader for lime, compost, fertilizer, chicken litter and more. Our lime spreader can handle steep, uneven and rough land, whether you’re treating farmland or vineyards. Deer food plotters, wildlife food plotters, this lime spreader is a must have for food plots. Spreading lime with our broadcast spreader also creates even coverage for a maximum yield every season.

You deserve an agricultural or commercial lime spreader that will last a long time. Our broadcast spreader is built to maintain your fields over the years for excellent-quality grass, seed or crops. To get started, it’s as easy as contacting Sides Spreader & Equipment Company. We offer virtual demos via Zoom or FaceTime to show you agricultural lime spreading through our unique system.