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Vineyard Fertilizer Spreader

Vineyard and Orchard Owners

Grapes require perfect soil PH levels to make good wine. That can translate to a lot of work for you, including spreading the correct fertilizers and ensuring every plant gets an even coating. On top of that, the row formation of vineyard farms and orchards can be challenging to work around with many large spreaders, tractors and trucks, which is why the Sides family came up with a solution.

The Sides Spread-all Spreader is the only spreader in the world that not only fits on your small tractor but will spread inexpensive, wet agricultural lime in between rows of grapes. Using agricultural lime over pelletized lime can be beneficial for a number of reasons, most obviously the price. Ag lime is significantly cheaper than pelletized lime, although it usually requires special equipment to spread. But with the unique design of the Sides Spreader, you’ll only need one machine to manage all of your spreading needs.

One Machine, Four Operations

The Sides Spreader will mix and spread anything your grapes need! It can handle wet ag lime with no problems. The strong, stainless steel auger is able to break apart clumps and mix materials together evenly — that means that you can spread lime, fertilizer, seeds and more all at once. Machines like topspreaders and lime equipment are expensive and highly specialized so you can only use them for one thing, but the Sides Spreader does it all.

Spreader Attachments

Some of our spreader attachments can make spreading in rows even easier! In just moments, they’ll turn the Sides Spreader into a precision narrow lime or fertilizer spreader perfect for orchards and vineyards. Two attachments are particularly well-suited for your orchard and vineyard needs:

  • Band spreading attachment: This attachment allows you to turn this broadcast spreader into something a little more precise. Instead of distributing material in a broad arc, the band spreading attachment directs the material to come out in a straight line, or a band. You’ll be able to hit every row without wasting material in between them.
  • Left attachment: Similar to the band spreading attachment, the left attachment allows you to target more specific areas with your spreading. With this attachment, you can spread only to the left of your machine.

Besides these, many of our other attachments may make your life easier when using the Sides Spreader. The rock guard can prevent debris like large rocks from getting in the hopper and clogging the system. Our electric actuator makes it easy to control the spreader’s gate remotely. And depending on your property’s size, you may choose to upgrade your spreader with one of our three hoppers. For row cropping in particular, we recommend our mid-size hopper, the “Narrow Row,” with a holding capacity of 1 cubic foot.

Order Your Spreader Today

Quality vineyard farm equipment comes from people who understand the needs of farmers and build a solution that can last for years. The Sides Spreader & Equipment Company is family-owned and our vineyard and orchard fertilizer spreaders are American-made every time. We have narrow spreaders for sale to make it easy to lay down lime, fertilizer and any other materials you need for your orchard or vineyard.

If you’re ready to elevate your farming to the next level, call 877-733-3464 today so you can get your Sides Spreader as soon as possible. You can also reach out to Johnny Sides himself at 336-462-0727 or fill out our online form.