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Farming Fertilizer Spreader

Using the Sides Spread-All Spreader on Farm Land

Getting ready for this year’s harvest will take a dedicated team and the right materials for your land and crop applications. Before you begin seeding, you will need to fertilize your plot. Whether you use mulch, compost, chicken litter or all three, you can spread your fertilizer with the Sides Spreader.

With our farming fertilizer spreader, you can broadcast any material throughout each stage of your process. Our patent-pending farm fertilizer spreader is the best of its kind. It can operate as a compost spreader, litter spreader, manure spreader, lime spreader, and more.  At Sides Spreader & Equipment Company, we manufacture the only PTO-driven three-point hitch spreader.

See the Difference With a Fertilizer Spreader for Your Farm

Your farm can flourish with the right equipment to handle your needs throughout the season. The Sides Spreader does what other fertilizer spreaders can not with its ability to mix materials and attach to any three-point tractor hitch. Using appropriate and versatile fertilizer spreader farm equipment can improve your agricultural operation.

The Sides Spreader covers acres of land with any fertilizer you prefer. Our equipment creates an even layer and aerates your fertilizer as it moves throughout the auger. Plus, a fertilizer spreader for your tractor lets you broadcast even on hard-to-reach spots.



What Our Farming Fertilizer Spreader Can Do

Using a spreader built for your agribusiness can increase your yield and improve your land. The Sides Spreader saves valuable time and money with effective results every time. Here’s what our fertilizer spreader can do for your farm:

  • Access rugged land: Some large trucks can’t handle rough or sloping terrain, making it difficult to spread lime or fertilizer in those spots. With our tractor hitch spreader, you can broadcast your materials anywhere on your property and save time.
  • Regulate soil pH: The Sides Spreader is a lime spreader that can mix and broadcast AG lime, an affordable alternative to pellet lime. AG lime is an excellent material to regulate your soil pH before fertilizing.
  • Mix fertilizers: You can combine all your materials at once in the Sides Spreader. Mix fertilizer, compost, seed, salt, mulch and more to save time in the field and create healthier soil.
  • Broadcast evenly: Our equipment generates an even spread with its high-power system. You can treat every corner of your farm with the Sides Spreader.
  • Provide a long service life: We make our farming fertilizer spreader in the USA with materials meant to last. You can count on your farming equipment to perform season after season when you choose Sides Spreader & Equipment Company.

Learn More About Our Agricultural Fertilizer Spreaders for Sale

Start this year’s crop with the right equipment to create excellent results. When you work with Sides Spreader & Equipment Company, you can enjoy a farm fertilizer spreader built to fit your needs. As a manufacturer with experience in the field, we know how to help your farm succeed.

You can learn more about our fertilizer spreader options when you speak with our team. We offer free demos via FaceTime or Zoom — just contact our team to set up an appointment. We are available 24 hours a day, so give us a call whenever you can! To get started, please call (877) 733-3464.