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Wet Ag. Lime Spreader & More for Erosion Control

Erosion Control Guys

This broadcaster is built by an erosion control company for the specific needs of a seeding business. It spreads your wet ag. lime, fertilizer, and any seed. It can mix anything you add to the hopper. This spreader seed fertilizer will double your production! It can hold 25 BAGS of fertilizer, 1.5 TONS of lime, or 10 BAGS of fescue. IT IS A MONEY MAKER!

What Is a Broadcast Spreader?

A broadcast spreader is one of the main two types of spreaders. The name is pretty self-explanatory — a broadcast spreader broadcasts seeds, fertilizer, soil and other materials around a given area. It shoots these materials out in an arc formation, covering a half-circle area quickly and efficiently. With the broadcast spreading method, you won’t have to think about pulling the spreader over every inch of land, as it covers a wider area than its size to save you time.

The other spreader option is a drop spreader, which has another self-explanatory name. Instead of spreading materials across a wide area, it drops them out of the bottom of the container, giving you a denser spread. Drop spreaders generally take more time to cover an area, and it can be more challenging to ensure complete coverage. They work better in small gardens or places where you only need to spread material in a concentrated spot.

In most cases, a broadcast spreader model is the better option for even distribution and coverage. It also ensures you’re not wasting any materials or damaging the land by overplanting. A drop spreader works well for precision farming, but when you’ve got a lot of ground to cover, broadcast spreaders are the way to go. If you’re concerned about material getting somewhere it shouldn’t be, just cover those areas with a tarp or cardboard.

Your New Soil Erosion Control Method

In the mining industry, fertilizer spreaders for soil erosion control are more important than ever, and there’s no better choice than the Sides Spreader. While many spreaders can only manage dry materials, the Sides Spreader can distribute dry, wet or a combination of the two.

Mix your fertilizers, soils or whatever you’re using and cover areas faster and in a single swoop rather than making multiple passes for each singular material. And with our large hopper, you won’t have to reload as often, letting you finish the job sooner and get on to your next task.

Build Your Business Better

The Sides Spreader is the best fertilizer spreader addition to any landscape-heavy job. Farmers, landscapers and miners will love how easy it is to use and its ability to fit on nearly any tractor or truck. You can even add attachments to refine your spread area and increase your spreader’s power. Build your business’s strength by bringing the Sides Spreader to your next major project.

Are you ready to add this broadcaster to your erosion control or farming arsenal? If so, you can call Johnny Sides, the owner of Sides Seeding. Reach him any time of the day by calling (336)462-0727.