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Golf Course Fertilizer Spreader

Using the Sides Spread-all Spreader on a Golf Course

When you run a golf course, you know how essential it is to maintain even, beautiful turf across the links. Patchy grass or bumps and holes can affect every game, as well as excited players walking and driving across the property. To keep your golf course at its best, you need a good spreader for sand, lime, fertilizer, seeds and anything else you lay to get that smooth, vibrant turf courses are known for.

Get the Work of Four Machines in One

The Sides Spreader can do all of that and more. This versatile machine is capable of handling nearly any material you throw at it, from wet agricultural lime to sand. The powerful stainless steel auger easily breaks large chunks down and mixes diverse substances, helping you save time and get the most out of your course materials. Because the auger will evenly mix everything you put into it, you can spread more than one thing at a time, like seeds and fertilizer. The Sides Spreader has the capability to:

Cut Costs

Another benefit of the Sides Spreader doing so much work at once is that it saves you money. Without it, you could pay double or triple the amount for a topdresser, golf course sand spreader or wet lime spreader alone.

Speaking of lime, unlike most spreaders on the market, the Sides Spreader enables you to spread wet agricultural lime instead of pelletized lime. Agricultural lime is cheaper and works better than pelletized lime. When you’re spreading it across your entire golf course, this can add up to significant savings in material costs — many users will make up the cost of the spreader with their first lime distribution!

A New Member of the Team

When one machine can do everything the Sides Spreader can, you can even save on labor and keep your team lean and agile. You’ll be able to eliminate hand spreading and surveying the evenness of the spread, enabling you to spend your time doing other vital golf course maintenance.

The Sides Spreader gives you a unique freedom in its one-of-a-kind, patent-pending design. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another golf course spreader that can mix dry and wet materials together and spread them consistently while saving you as much time and money.

Order Your Spreader Now

Save time, money and labor with the Sides Spreader on your golf course. As a family company that works with our creation daily, we know that this spreader will lighten your workload and stand up against years of heavy use. Just hook it up to any tractor with a three-point hitch and you’re ready to go! As a PTO-powered machine, it will get all the juice it needs straight from your tractor.

You’ll be able to spread in places no truck would be able to reach and work around curves and bends with ease. As Johnny Sides says:

“Being an old Golf Course superintendent, I wish I owned a Sides Spreader when I was young. I could not imagine building or maintaining a Golf Course without a Sides Spreader.”

Contact us today by calling 877-733-3464 during our office hours, or reach Johnny himself at 336-462-0727 at any time. You can also fill out our online contact form to have us get back to you within 24 hours.