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Commercial Manure Spreader

Commercial Manure Spreaders

The Sides Spreader excels at handling manure, making it an essential tool for farmers to have on hand. This versatile machine can spread pretty much anything — if you’ve got more than manure to spread, mix your materials together and watch the Sides Spreader evenly distribute them across your land. Our PTO-driven manure spreader for tractors also attaches to a number of trucks and other vehicles so you can take it off-road easily.

However big or small your spreading area is, the Sides Spreader will work until the job is done. Its versatility allows it to reach areas that you may have trouble accessing with larger machinery, and its sturdy build lets it spread both dry and wet materials, unlike other commercial spreaders that tend to get clogged with wet matter.

By making drying your material a thing of the past, you can save time and start using it immediately. Then, you’ll save even more time by spreading multiple materials at once much faster than you ever could by hand!

Make Spreading Even Easier With Accessories

No matter how you’re using the Sides Spreader, it will keep up. For special circumstances, we also have a variety of attachments and add-ons that can make farming even easier, like:

  • Hoppers: Depending on your needs, you can choose from three sizes of hoppers that hold .65 cubic feet, 1 cubic foot and 1.5 cubic feet of material. The smallest hopper is great for attaching to small tractors, the midsize one or the “narrow row” is built for row crop farmers and the standard hopper is an excellent choice for almost all tractor owners.
  • Spreading attachments: Spreader attachments allow for a more targeted spread. For example, the left attachment makes it possible for you to spread only locations to the left of the machine. Another option is the band spreading attachment, which makes it easier to spread among “row” crops like trees and grapes in vineyards.
  • Electric actuator: If you’re attaching the Sides Spreader to a vehicle with an enclosed cab, opening and closing your spreader’s gate by hand can be challenging. The actuator allows you to remotely open and close the gate, controlling the spread with ease.
  • Rock guard: Keep large rocks and debris from blocking or damaging your hopper when loading in materials with the rock guard. This separator will keep your materials to a more uniform size, leading to a smoother, more even spread.

Find PTO-Driven Manure Spreaders for Sale Here

The Sides Spreader is a commercial, power takeoff spreader for both wet and dry materials, and Sides Spreader & Equipment Company is excited to share it with the world. This powerful machine is made in the United States and is ideal for farmers, landscapers and anyone who needs to spread wet limestone, seeds, manure and more. Give your property an even spread of fertilizer so you can have your most successful harvest season yet.

Learn more about our machinery by watching videos of the Sides Spreader in action, or send us a message so we can answer your questions and get your new tool in hand now!