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Sides Spreader for Hydroseeding

Hydroseed / Dry Seed

If you need a hydroseeder, then you need this spreader. Why?

  • • It mixes and spreads dry, so no looking for water to fill your hydroseeder.
  • • The purchase cost is approximately 4% of a hydroseeder and 1% of the maintenance costs.
  • • Lime through a hydroseeder will cause damage to an expensive pump in about a years time. The Sides Spreader is designed to spread Ag. lime without causing damage to the spreader itself.
  • • The Sides Spreader will cover approximately 3 acres in the same amount of time a hydroseeder covers approximately 1 acre.
  • • Dry seeding set in dry seed bed with a cultipacker, which can be pulled behind the Sides Spreader, will always come up better. This is because it waits on rain. If you wet your seed and then drought happens, you’re in trouble.

I run 12 hydroseeders and 24 Sides Spread-all Spreaders every day. Trust me you need both.” – Johnny Sides